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Name:Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong, The Secret Circle
Canon: books

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Date of Birth: November 28th
Place of Birth: New Salem, MA
Race: Witch
Residence: #2 Crowhaven Road


Physical Appearance—
Hair: Dark, curly, worn long
Build: Deborah is described as being “trim, athletic, and tough-looking.” Cassie also notices that she has a “really pretty and small face that’s feminine-looking.” She wears a lot of jeans and black leather, but has been known to dress up on occasion. Deborah also has a crescent moon tattoo on her collarbone.

Family: Nick Armstrong (cousin), Sharon Armstrong(mom), Nicholas Armstrong(dad)
Friends: All members of her coven

Deborah Armstrong is a seventeen year old witch, descended from the original refugees of Salem, the true witches who were never caught during the trials and founders of New Salem. She is a member of the second-generation coven in New Salem, a successor to the loose one formed by a dark witch named Black John, her parents, and those of her friends. Their precursors disbanded in 1974 after many of the coven's stronger dissidents were killed for turning against Black John when they realized he was making matches to literally breed his own coven of powerful witches.

Deborah is a fierce young woman with a warrior's heart and very little interest in romance. She gets along better as "one of the boys," but has her place among the women in the group. She values strength and power over all, but unlike her compatriot, Faye, the power Deborah values is physical and, later, spiritual. She respects those who can hold her own, and sometimes preys on the weak. She prefers to hang out with the boys in her coven, rides a Harley, and even in showing affection can be more than a little brutal (hugs Cassie too hard during her initiation, slaps people on the back, punches shoulders, etc.).

As a witch, Deborah has the power to call on the four elements, or Powers (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.) She also has the potential to use a weak form of telekinesis (magic-based, she can make objects move and potentially push someone without touching them). She can also utilize the effects of crystals in ways humans can't, specifically with her working crystal (citrine, which enhances physical energy and activity, a good stone for fitness). She is regarded by many as the Artemis of the group, a warrior woman untouched by man.

Deborah starts the series as a close ally of Faye Chamberlain, a member of the coven predisposed towards darker magicks. She initially picks on Cassie and dislikes her because she believes she is weak, but later comes to like and respect her for an inner strength that far surpasses her physical delicacy.

Canon Point of Entry into RP: After finding Cassie's working crystal with her at the remains of Number Thirteen during The Captive, just after leaving her off at her house.


- Deborah is pulled and played in book canon, but certain gaps in her history have and may be filled by TV show canon. Whether or not show canon will factor into her history later on is at the sole discretion of the mun.

- Given her portrayal in the books and near total lack of interest in men, although it's not explicit in the books Deborah's RP sexual orientation will be bisexual, with a stronger preference for girls.

- Mun is over the age of eighteen, but muse is seventeen and highly physical. This journal may possibly contain content of a sexual nature, as well as possible mild-to-major violence. Reader discretion is advised.

DISCLAIMER: I am neither Deborah Armstrong, nor am I Megan Fox. This journal is for RP at [info]hearts_andminds and other games. Deb is from The Secret Circle, which belongs to the CW and L.J. Smith, and Megan belongs to herself. There is no money being made and no copyright infringement intended.
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